Ailsa (glass_bubblegum) wrote in uk_lolitas,

Layout Contest

So, this community has been kicking for nearly two weeks now, but we're still lacking a nifty layout, banner and user icons. I am no artist so nothing I have managed to knock together has been quite right.

However, I know there are some talented artists among us, and we would love you to leave your mark on the community! As such, I propose a contest to come up with a layout and matching graphics for uk_lolitas. They can be drawn, photographic, minimalistic, or whatever you like so long as it is lolita in theme (not necessarily directly either: Alice In Wonderland, Victoriana, afternoon tea- let your imagination go wild!). Extra kudos if you manage to tie it in with the UK in some way or another as well.

Top prize: if someone comes up with a truly stunning layout set with icons, banner etc that we decide to use, I will send you out a small burando prize (think pin-on bows, jewelry, hair accessories)! And, of course, your work will be credited on the userinfo page.

Second prize: if you're not great with livejournal layouts but make a set of icons, banners and other graphics that we'd like to use, you'll also receive a few small gifts of thanks and due credit for use.

Submit all entries to The contest will end on Monday the 10th of September, so get creative now!
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