Kirsten (kvlt_kitty) wrote in uk_lolitas,

Edinburgh back-to-uni meetup: What's going on, then?

Here's the plan as it stands now:

- The meetup will take place on Saturday, the 15th of September.  We're meeting at 12am.

- We'll meet on the main steps of the museum, on Chamber Street.  It should be incredibly obvious :P.  If anyone's coming by train, just head up North Bridge (just outside Waverly) then keep walking till you're just past Forbidden Planet, then head onto Chambers Street.

- The plan for the day is to go to the museum for the morning (maybe hit the art gallery too if we get bored), then head to Harvey Nicholes for lunch/afternoon tea.  Afterwards we'll most likely check out the shops, and take some pictures.

- In terms of money, lunch at Harvey Nicks typically runs to £10-15 a head, exclusive of drinks and service.  So bring at least that, more if you want something to drink (they have divine alcohol-free cocktails that are £3-4) or more than one course.  Bringing some money for shopping might also be good, but it's not a necessity.

Other things to bear in mind:

- Harvey Nicks are pretty awesome with dealing with various dietary requirements, in my experience - I've never gotten ill eating there, and they really know their stuff when it comes to what's in the dishes.  When I ordered duck cous cous salad and asked for the cous cous to be omitted, they gave me a double helping of duck, too :D!  So if you've got any food allergies or are a vegitarian or a picky eater, you don't need to worry :3.

- We'll probably be doing a reasonable amount of walking - especially if we're going to the shops.  Is everyone ok with that?

- It's an obvious thing, but bear in mind the fickle nature of our weather.  Bring an umbrella/parasol, and maybe some warm clothing (cardi or light coat)!

- The meetup has no set end time, cos we're wild like that.

Right, if anyone has massive issues with the plan as it currently stands, please to be getting bitchy at me, and we'll see if we can work something out that suits everyone.
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