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uk_lolitas's Journal

UK lolitas
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All Members , Moderated
A community for meeting other Lolitas in the UK.
Welcome to the uk_lolitas community! We're a community centred around planning, discussing, and of course posting pictures of, UK lolita meetups. For more general UK-based Lolita discussion, please head over to loligothuk.

If you'd like to learn more about the style in general, check out the lolita_handbook: it's a fantastic resource, especially for those who are new to lolita.

General Rules
1. Please be civil to one another. This does not mean sugar-coating criticisms you might have, but it does mean that the abuse of other members is not acceptable. For example:

Acceptable criticism:
"I don't think the shape of your dress is very flattering or fitting with lolita style. In future you might want to try wearing a fuller petticoat to achieve the bell-shaped silhouette that is usually quintessential to lolita."

Unacceptable abuse:
"you're fat and ugly, gtfo"

2. Images larger than 400x400 pixels must be placed under a cut. This is how you work livejournal cuts for those who don't know. All images after the first one must be placed under a cut regardless of their size.

3. All posts must be relevant to the community, ie. they must relate to lolita fashion in the UK, and to meeting and socialising with other Lolitas.

4. If you would like to promote another related community here then please get it approved by a moderator beforehand.

5. All the usual common-sense rules apply: no trolling/racism/sexism/homophobia/kiddie porn/kicking puppies or any of that nonsense, thank you very much.

6. Subjects which are on-topic for [Bad username: uk lolitas]:
- Details of a meetup you're organising.
- Pictures from meetups.
- Discussions of good places to hold meets, of recipies you like making for picnics, of how to take good photos of loli outfits...basically, anything to do with Lolita meetups!

Everything else Lolita-related, please take it to one of the more general communities :).

If you break any of the listed rules, you will receive a warning. If you proceed to break them again, you will be suspended from the community for a week. Break them thrice and you will be banned permanently.
With the change in focus of this community, I've decided to change the rules relating to sales, since they're more suitable for a general Lolita community rather than this. Therefore, sales are no longer allowed.

Please take your sales posts over to either (or both!) loligothuk or egl_comm_sales, and please make sure to read their individual rules regarding sales before posting your items!

The moderator of this community is kvlt_kitty. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact her at uk.lolitas@googlemail.com. Alternatively, you can leave a message on her personal journal and/or email address.

Most importantly, have fun!